The problems of book cover design

We live in a digital age and have become used to finding high quality images available – even if at a price.  So it came as a surprise to find that though Norwich Castle Museum had an image of the picture we wanted to use on the latest title from Smokehouse Press, it was a jpeg at 72dpi!  Not nearly good enough for use.  Of course the picture is not on display, the museum won’t allow me to take my own photograph and tell me that it will cost many hundreds of pounds and could take months to get a better image from their “official” photographer.
Not good news – especially because the painting, Phaeton and the Horses of the Sun, by someone I had never previously heard of – William Blake Richmond is just perfect for the book in question, Twenty-four Dreams Before Dying by Colin Ludlow.
At the risk of offending the Museum I have ‘scraped’ a very small image from Google to show how very good the painting is.  Watch this space to see if we can make the image useable.  The book should be available from Smokehouse Press and (as they say) other good book-sellers in late March/early April
'Phaeton and the Horses of the Sun' by William Blake Richmond (c1880).

‘Phaeton and the Horses of the Sun’ by William Blake Richmond (c1880).


About Thea Abbott

A graduate of the Life Writing programme at the University of East Anglia, Thea Abbott lives and writes in Norwich, where she lives with her partner the luthier David Van Edwards.
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